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We drive growth for companies through AI, data-driven insights & ROI-focused Digital marketing strategies.









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Our Philosophy

Driven by Technology, Shaped by Innovation

At Capitas, we believe that technology enhances profit and makes it easier to accomplish unique goals. When we work together with our clients to solve complex problems and uncover new solutions, we know we’ve achieved our goal.

United Front

You have a vision; we have the resources. Together, these are greater than the sum of their parts. You’re hiring us as an extension of your organization, so we aim to deliver content and management that showcases your original mission and vision. You show us what you want to achieve, and we’ll make it happen.

Work with a Smile

At Capitas, we make it our mission to providea positive, straightforward, and enjoyable experience. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are dedicated to creating memorable interactions that leave you feeling confident and proud of your choice.

We are Truly International








Meet our team of Entrepreneurs, MBAs, and International Olympiad in Informatics(IOI) winners 🏆

George Basadzishvili

George Basadzishvili

Founder & CEO

ESCP Business School alumni. George is a serial entrepreneur with experience in PPC, Data Analytics and Statistics.

Georgi Pushman

Alexandra Vakuliuk

Chief Marketing Officer

Alexandra is CMO. 10 years of experience in PPC/SEM & Marketing Strategy.

Andrew Buckham

Achi Basadzishvili

Head of Research

Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University. Achi is a renowned Competitive Programmer. IZhO Gold Medal, IOI Silver Medal. Experience in Algorithms, AI, Blockchain and Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Steven Cross

Mikheil Tkhilava

Account Manager

Mikheil Is a Senior Account Manager. Experience in PPC, SEO & Email Marketing.

Anna Pushman

Giorgi Muradashvili

VP of Sales

MBA, KU Leuven. Experience in software sales and project management

Anna Pushman

Alaksandra Zakreuskaya

Senior Graphic Designer

Alaksandra is a Graphic Designer with experience in brand and creative design.

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